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The Full Story


My scientific career, in which I specialized in "understanding" as a scientific method, was built on constantly questioning and evaluating different methodologies and methods. I have guided thousands of researchers. I have participated in research on a wide range of social issues with a focus on "understanding". For the last ten years, I have listened to employees at all levels in large corporations. I help people from different hierarchical positions to understand each other.  The maps I draw at the end of my scientific analyses are a kind of ground for "consensus". ​

Behavior change is an outcome, through the ANLAMap method, I dive into the meaning-making processes that will lead the individual or teams & community to that outcome and I put light on sense-making processes by "meaning maps" 🤸‍♀️ 🙌 👁

I developed the ANLAMmap method to explore the context in its wholeness. It, therefore, uses moment-centered and participatory data creation processes. It exploits the depth and richness of self-generated data in its most open-ended form.It recognizes well the character of the data crystallizing in the moment that transcends dualisms. It draws on the theory of experience where the natural and social spheres merge.

My journey of "self-understanding" accompanies me in this whole process. When I became a mother and changed cities and countries, I sometimes got lost between work & life 'imbalances' and constantly questioned. I realized the necessity of integration. The embodiment of work and life integration depends on our collective efforts to understand. 
"Meaningful work" is work that integrates with life. I am happy to be able to serve this mission.


ANLAMAp's mission is to enable understanding as a scientific process in the construction of "meaningful work". 

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The future of work will be meaningful. Work and life are integrated processes. Science, with its new developments opening up beyond dualism, allows for the most comprehensive understanding. Technology serves to open up the possibilities of understanding. 

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