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Unleash meaning-making with scientific understanding

Best tool for understanding leaders!

If you want to reveal your meaning-making processes, ANLAMap is at your service! Meet with your meaning-making processes and get your map like neurological cognitive maps. 

Discover how you embody meaning in your life. Create & Co-create "meaningful work & life" through getting the map of meaning-making processes.

Let your scientific "map of meaning" light your way.



Unleash the meaning-making and design your life!
Unlock the superpower of understanding! 


Discover Meaning Layers at Work

Reveal different layers of meaning within the organization and map the relationships between them. Understand in depth

Reveal Leverage Points

Identify systemic leverage points by focusing on the moments; and amplify the positive impact of change. Take action to create sustainable connections with your peopleDesign the best experience.

Co-create Synergetic System

Reconnect the meaning at work to the purpose of the organization. Co-create a synergetic system.

We’re Listening & Providing Scientific Understanding


Years of Experience


ANLAMap Method
In-depth data  and In-depth analysis together

An approach that goes beyond classical quantitative-qualitative distinctions to reveal meaning

"What's happening?"


Quantitative & Qualitative Text Analysis 

mapping sample.png


Participatory, moment-centered data creation that allows for the most comprehensive answer to the question "What is happening?"
In-depth qualitative analysis wıth QDA software
Quantitative texte analysis wıth Wordstat
Mapping as an analytical tool and visualizatıon of different layers of meaning

We are Embodied Minds


AN means moment in Turkish and ANLA means understand. Therefore, when we say ANLA in Turkish, we are directly referring to the momentWith an M at the end (ANLAM), it means "meaning". In the fascinating grammar of Turkish, the ontology and epistemology of understanding merge into one word: AN-LA-M. ANLAMap is a method for discovering and mapping the meaning. The ANLAMap method focuses on the moment as a unit of space-time. The moment contains infinite potential and its unfolding into reality can be analyzed more holistically from a complex system perspective. ANLAMap is open to encompassing the whole reality (natural-social) that unfolds at the moment. It is open to evolving with digital technologies and a dynamic systems approach. It combines interactionist sociology with enactivism

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Murat Güreşçi

Çayeli Bakır (First Quantum

Minerals) - General Manager

I recommend it to all

managers of industrial

companies who want to

know their employees' real

opinions on OHS.

Ali Rıza Tiryaki


I highly recommend it to all experts and managers at all levels, especially

those working in the fields of employee experience, corporate culture, communication, education, and those who want to solve problems, make improvements, systematically understand the relevant parties, and give them the opportunity to participate and contribute.

Alev Erbay

Kuehne- Nagel - National QSHE


Contributed to pinpointing

organizational culture.



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